Some Of Our Rural Neighbors Need Volunteers Today. To Help Call Firstlink At 476-4000

Many of our rural and small town neighbors helped us build and deploy our sandbags, now they may need our citizens help, you can call and ask to sign up to have them call you in case they need help for some of our rural neighbors. Call Firstlink at 476-4000. The Helping Hands Traveling Sandbag…
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Fargo Commission Approves Further Setbacks For Buildings From Rivers More Greenway

We made a big stride in improving land use and backing away from the rivers in Fargo tonight. The Fargo Commission passed my motion from last fall to extend building setbacks 450′ from the center or 100′ from any floodway, whichever is further from the river. There’s much more we need to do: Thanks…
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2 Million Bags! Take A Breather And See You Next Week!

Thanks and congratulations to the over 10,000 volunteers that have made over 2 million bags!!   We’re not making bags Saturday to give volunteers and our fantastic staff at Fargo, life’s a beach at Sandbag Central a well deserved breather to catch their breath and relax. 1st crew of the day on the morning shift…
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WaHOO! Two New 2011 Records Set At Fargo, Life’s A Beach At Sandbag Central

Way to go!  Thanks to the over 1,000 volunteers for making over 175,000 bags Tuesday, we set two 2011 records at Fargo, life’s a beach at Sandbag Central. We had fantastic volunteer turnout and had fun working with students from Carl Ben, Wahpeton Science working with crews from Sanford Health, KVLY, and many other businesses…
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Photo Review For 1st Week Of Fargo, Life’s A Beach At Sandbag Central

Norm Robinson’s keeping things ship shape during a quick break!  He’s a hoot to work with and a prodigious bagger/twister