Fargo’s Working To Make Every Day Earth Day. North Dakota Not So Much

One one hand, North Dakota is known for a fairly harsh environment with weather extremes and for higher than average per capita energy use and emissions. When compared with our Minnesota neighbors and other states with effective energy efficiency programs we pale in comparison. Just this week a national rating service Wallethub rated North Dakota…
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Put Politics Aside And Use The Facts To Improve US Healthcare

Regarding the upcoming Senate vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act that has helped millions more Americans obtain health coverage regardless of preexisting conditions. Our country is at a competitive economic and social disadvantage with our failing market based, reactive health care system. Senator John Hoeven, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Congressman Kevin Cramer, and Governor Doug Burgum (I know you…
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Pope’s Visit To DC Reminds Of Past Visit About Environment

I’m excited about today’s visit from the pope to Washington DC and his strong message about improving our environmental stewardship. While no where near as epic, it reminded me how important it is for cities to maximize the opportunity to lead as we look for ways to take better care of our environment and of this fun interview…
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Bison Stampede Penguins

Happy Homecoming NDSU!  Sorry Penguins, it was just not your day! Go Bison!!  

Everybody Up The March Is On!

Happy Homecoming NDSU!  Sorry Penguins, it’s just not your day! Go Bison!!