Bison Nation

Congratulations to the North Dakota State University Bison on winning their third consecutive FCS D-1 National Football Championship!

The FBS schools should ditch the polls and institute a play off program similar to the FCS to determine an undisputed championship team.  One of the most exciting aspects of NCAA Basketball playoffs is that any D-1 team has a shot at the championship.

Who know’s, maybe even some kind of hybrid that would allow the championship FCS  team in a bracket to compete in playoffs with FBS?

Either way, thanks for another fantastic year for the Bison and all the folks that cheer them on!! Go Bison!!

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Uplift Fargo Moorhead. Give the gift of a lift

It’s cold outside. There are people in our community that need to get to their doctors appointments, to their job (yes, many homeless people do have jobs), to their social workers and our homeless children need to get to school.

Uplift Fargo Moorhead is the brainchild of Del Rae Williams. Here’s the story in her own words: “I asked John Roberts at Churches United For The Homeless what would be the most helpful to their organization that we, as a community, could help with. John said ‘bus passes’! Transportation is a key problem when individuals need to go to a doctor’s visit, get medication, apply for jobs… the needs are many. For this Holiday season, I would like to ask that you consider a gift of $1.50 or more. (hint, hint, to my family, THIS, and only this is what I’d like for Christmas this year). :-) Happy Holidays to you!!! (Thank you to Mara Morken Fogarty, Kailyn Allen, Kelli K KlineLillian JonesCarrie Leopold, and Anna Stenson for your insights and for your work towards this!)”

~ End Del Rae’s quote ~

Thanks to Del Rae, Mara, Kailyn, Kelli, Lillian, Carrie, and Anna and all involved that helped plan and implement an easy way for people to make direct online donations to purchase bus passes to help our neighbors in need.

All donations go directly to purchase bus passes and are distributed by the Churches United. To donate at this secure site, go to:

Thanks to all of you that have already given the gift of a lift. In less than a day, they’ve already generated over $900 in bus passes. Please consider the opportunity and share the good word of this wonderful grass roots community effort.

We are truly blessed to live in this wonderful community. Thank you all and let’s share our many blessings to make this a Merry Christmas for all!!


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Local Food grows Healthy Community

Would you like to see more fresh locally grown food available in the metro? Fargo Public Access television channel 99 will be broadcasting through the month of December “Food for Change”a grass roots documentary that helps explain the evolution of our country’s food production and marketing. 

Watch the trailer for “Food for Change” here:

Food For Change is a feature-length documentary about the history of the co-op movement and food co-ops today. The goal of the film is to raise awareness nationally about the cooperative economic model, promote cross-sector cooperative collaboration, and provide cooperative education to co-op members, college students and the general public. The movie focuses on consumer food co-ops to tell the larger story of cooperatives – their role in American history and their current efforts to create local food systems.

Thanks to the producer Steve Alves, Producer/Director for allowing us to broadcast this timely film on Fargo Public Access television through the month of December and thanks to Prairie Roots Food Coop’s Kaye Kirsch for getting his permission.

Here are the broadcast times for the movie “Food for Change” on Fargo Cable Access 99.

Wednesday December 4 at 8 p.m.
Friday December 6 4 p.m.
Thursday December 12 6 p.m.
Saturday December 14 12 p.m.
Wednesday December 18 8 p.m.
Friday December 20 4 p.m.
Thursday December 26 6 p.m.
Saturday December 28 12 p.m.

Here are some groups that are working together to promote, grow, deliver, and prepare more healthy, local foods. You can be part of our group too, just “like” Local Food grows Healthy Community. Thanks for your help and interest, let’s keep it growing!

“If organic farming is the natural way, shouldn’t organic produce just be called “produce” and make the pesticide-laden stuff take the burden of an adjective?”

~Ymber Delecto

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Looking for a fun unique shopping experience? Small Business is where it’s at

Check out the dozens of cool, eclectic stores you won’t find anywhere else right here in Downtown Fargo.

It’s fun shopping at our friends and neighbors stores and restaurants, and you’ll see lots of fun people you know and meet some interesting folks for the first time.

In between shops you can get a taste of a wide variety of foods and beverages.

Just pull in to one of several convenient public parking lots that are no charge on Saturday (Also free after 5:30 week nights) Hope to see you there, buy your loved ones something special, and have fun!

Here are a few examples of interesting shops with many more to discover as you walk:






    Focused on the everyday athlete, we are a specialty running store that offers…


    Colorful and happy environment to shop in. Wonderful customer service. Dresses,…


    Upcoming unique experience with a blend of vintage to modern


    Halberstadt’s Men’s Clothiers was founded in 1975. For over 35 years we strive to…


    Specializing in high class service with skinny price tags, Kittson boutique…

  • LOT 2029



    Featuring some of the best brands in the industry, Outermost Layer brings you…


    Northern Home Furniture & Design


    Trendy & affordable clothing, shoes & accessories to compliment your unique style.

  • Brand-name concept shops by Nike, Adidas, Columbia, Under Armour and The North…


    Cool women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts.


    The hottest shoes and fashion accessories in the FM area!



    Your complete “head to toe” uniform store. From tried-and-true basics to the…


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Sorry again Hawaii, best state for 20 somethings is….

Go North to Dakota! More and more young people are discovering what many of us realized when we chose where we want to build our life. North Dakota is an excellent place to live, work, learn, and play.

This survey fits in with what we’ve learned that in a reversal of decades of out migration of our youth to other states, now 65% of Fargo graduating seniors want to build their life in Fargo, 8.9% somewhere in ND, 8.9% somewhere in Minnesota. Over 80% want a four year college degree and 12% a two year school.

Here’s a clip of the survey from WDAY 

Some of the reasons more young people are choosing Fargo may be more activities like the Fargo Marathon, Streets Alive!, Fargo Youth Summit, and impromptu free fun events like the Chalk Fest where Arts Partnership teamed up with Great Northern Bikes. Hundreds of people young and old came to share their sidewalk art>

Here’s the article in the Huffington Post College:

Best States For 20-Somethings May Surprise You

Posted: 10/16/2013 9:28 pm EDT  |  Updated: 10/16/2013 9:31 pm EDT

best states for 20-somethings
There are certain, conventional meccas for young people. New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco all spring to mind as glamorous, even cliched destinations for 20-somethings — places where quirky characters in cramped lofts desperately search for careers, love, and happiness.

But wanted to consider the question “with an open mind.” They looked at lifestyle and economic criteria like youth unemployment, the proportion of young people in a state’s population, rental costs, high-speed internet availability, nightlife and fitness facilities, and created a list geared at “young people looking to get a strong start on their adult lives.”

So, for those rational 20-somethings willing to consider the real-life data, rather than the Hollywood version, we present to you the top 10 states to set up shop:

1. North Dakota
north dakota

2. South Dakota
south dakota young people

3. Nebraska

4. Montana

5. Iowa

6. Hawaii
hawaii young people

~End Article ~

Sorry Hawaii, you can’t win them all. We’ll still come to visit!Here’s another picture that displays some North Dakota fun. This cool picture was taken by Erik Johnson

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Watch how in Fargo – Gardens are growing community

Thanks to all the wonderful people that presented and attended Monday’s program about community gardens in Fargo. We learned about a grass roots group led by Jack Wood, Nola Storm and more recently Jamie Holding Eagle. They formed “Growing Together” with over 100 families of mostly new Americans to grow tons and tons of produce working the gardens only 3 hours a week together.


Here’s the link to the entire program that was broadcast live on Fargo Cable Access 12 that is now available for video on demand thanks to Cable Access director Karena Carlson and producer Brian Sellins good work.

Here’s a synopsis of the program:

FARGO, N.D. (Oct. 14, 2013) – The City of Fargo hosted a presentation about community gardens on Monday, Oct. 14 at 8:30 a.m. in the Commission Room at Fargo City Hall, 200 3rd St. N. The program includes three 20 minute presentations followed by 20 minutes for questions. The presentations are as follows:

  • “Growing Together”: Group leaders Jack Wood, Nola Storm, and Jamie Holding Eagle will share how their community gardening group, comprised primarily of New Americans, has grown to over 100 families sharing thousands of pounds of produce from three gardens over the past eight years with a unique model that works.

  •  ”Solar heated greenhouse”: Dallas Flynn, a sustainable organic farmer from Frazee, MN will share how he’s expanded his growing season to over 300 days a year by designing and building an innovative solar heated greenhouse.
    • “Community garden challenge”: Rory Beil of Cass Clay Healthy People initiative will talk about their challenge to increase community gardening and healthy local foods in our metro.

Again thanks to all who presented and attended and “Growing Together” the best is yet to come!

The event will be broadcast live on cable access channel TV Fargo 12 and online

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Fargo – Gardens growing community

See how “Growing Together” with 100 very diverse families, 3 gardens, 3 hours a week, no weeds = tons and tons of produce.

Over the past 8 years Jack Wood, Nola Storm, and more recently Jamie Holding Eagle have developed relationships to fine tune a very innovative community gardening system that increases produce while reducing time spent seeding, weeding, watering, and harvesting.

We’ll also hear from Dallas Flynn a creative organic, sustainable farmer near Frazee MN. Dallas installed an off the shelf greenhouse and converted it into one of the first solar heated units in the area. He’s extended his growing season to over 300 days and in the dead of winter enjoys a nice cup of coffee surrounded by his beautiful seedlings flourishing.Dallas Flynn is a retired University professor that continues teaching by showing his organic, sustainable farming practices and selling healthy, local foods.

We’ll also hear from Rory Beil of Cass Clay Healthy Peoples initiative. It’s fun to work with him and the other great folks on their advisory board. Rory (AKA the Caped Carrot Crusader) will issue a metro challenge to grow and eat more healthy local produce with a very lofty goal.

The Caped Carrot Crusader leading the way to recruit more healthy food superheroes at area schools. Way to grow Rory!!

Here’s the program below, hope to see you there!

CFLOGONews Release

Contact:  Commissioner Mike Williams

Phone:   701-793-3771 or

“Fargo – Gardens Growing Community” Event to be Held Oct. 14

 FARGO, N.D. (Oct. 10, 2013) – The City of Fargo is hosting a presentation about community gardens on Monday, Oct. 14 at 8:30 a.m. in the Commission Room at Fargo City Hall, 200 3rd St. N. The program will include three 20 minute presentations followed by 20 minutes for questions. The presentations will be as follows:

  1.  “Growing Together”: Group leaders Jack Wood, Nola Storm, and Jamie Holding Eagle will share how their community gardening group, comprised primarily of New Americans, has grown to over 100 families sharing thousands of pounds of produce from three gardens over the past eight years with a unique model that works.
  2. “Solar heated greenhouse”: Dallas Flynn, a sustainable organic farmer from Frazee, MN will share how he’s expanded his growing season to over 300 days a year by designing and building an innovative solar heated greenhouse.
  3. “Community garden challenge”: Rory Beil of Cass Clay Healthy People initiative will talk about their challenge to increase community gardening and healthy local foods in our metro.

 The event will be broadcast live on cable access channel TV Fargo 12 and online

– END –

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Protect, connect, and beautify Downtowns and riverfront

Creating a beautiful river connection while protecting downtown has been a long time coming. Being a small part of the 2001 – 2002 Downtown Framework plan as a citizen was fun and that plan, in tangent with the private/public investments in the Renaissance Zone, has been the basis for projects that have helped with our Downtown revitalization that’s been underway for over a decade.

Riverfront plan

These are both quick reads and the blueprint for projects in the planning stage
The Downtown Framework plan of 2001 – 2002 has been the blueprint for all the completed projects that along with establishment of the Renaissance Zone, have helped increase the downtown value from $190 million to over $560 million since 2003 :  Here’s an interview by Joel Heitkamp on these exciting opportunities to protect, connect, and beautify our downtown and riverfront.

The goals identified in these plans were reaffirmed by engaging over 8,000 people in ongoing Fargo GO 2030 comprehensive plans where the top 5 key initiatives are:

  1. Permanent flood protection
  2. Infill and strong neighborhoods
  3. Arts and culture
  4. Bike and Pedestrian focus
  5. Quality design standards
Here’s a chart that shows how these combined efforts and investments have resulted in huge increase in value downtown over the past decade
The following projects are all complete or underway and were described and depicted as goals and strategies in the Downtown Framework and Riverfront plans:
  • the reconstruction of Broadway complete in 2004 (depicted in 2002 plan)
  • New Main Ave Bridge (depicted in 2002 plan)
  • Island Park parking ramp 2003
  • Entry gateway at SE corner of main (depicted in 2003 Riverfront plan)
  • Dike East (Depicted in 2003 riverfront plan)
  • New library downtown 2009, S branch 2008, and N satelitte 2006 (sited as priority in 2002 Framework)
  • Wildflower park 2007 
  • Integrated private parking facilities in Renaissance projects (cited as strategy in Framework plan 2002 several renovated buildings have integrated parking and will continue)
  • Two way conversion of NP and 1st
  • Bike lanes on 4th St, 4th Ave and sharros on Broadway
  • Increase of Transit from about 800,000 riders in 2004 to 2.1 million riders today
City projects coming forward for design are cited and depicted in renderings in 2002 Framework plan:
  • NP and 1st conversion is complete with construction underground and streetscape 2014 for NP and 2015 1st Ave.
  • Downtown flood protection construction beginning next year 2014,
  • City Hall on Civic Quad the following year 2015,
  • Connecting 2nd Ave with a Gateway to the Riverfront with expanded greenway to give the river more room and for year round recreation 

City projects being analyzed:

  • feasibility study is being done now for possible convention center either downtown or at dome)

Some of the projects described and drawn in the 2002 Framework plan that have not been completed are:

Downtowns are transforming/revitalizing all over the state and country. The recent Bismarck plan is very similar to our Downtown Framework plans, Riverfront plans, and Fargo 2030 concepts

We have a good playbook and a 10 year head start, with several of the projects in the plans in place.  That said, there’s much more to do as we work to fulfill our downtowns great potential.
Our Downtown is only half developed with lots galore underutilized and ripe for multiuse development and creating beautiful public places.

The next phase of the plans are coming to fruition with NP and 1st reconstruction and all east/west downtown corridors, downtown flood protection, city hall, integrating parking ramps into multiuse value added buildings,  all give us an opportunity to add value and move downtown to the next level.  
Let’s use this flood protection and river connection project to include a gateway to and across the river into expanded greenspace for year round public use and making 2nd Ave a signature street connecting people to and across the river.
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Game Day spectacular

Saturday was a fantastic day for Fargo, the region, and the Bison! Thanks to ESPN Game Day and the thousands of folks that turned out to make it a memorable day

Beautiful Bison Dawn on ESPN Game Day downtown Fargo

Downtown’s unique beauty comes through on ESPN Game Day

Click the picture above for a great video montage of ESPN’s Game Day featuring the NDSU Bison in downtown Fargo.

Susan got to help the incredible Gold Star Marching Band by holding a clarinet. She could have played with them if they gave her a saxaphone!

Thanks to our friend Erik Johnson for sharing this picture on Saturday. He really had a birds eye view!

We had a blast cheering with the fans and rocking with the Gold Star Marching band on Broadway and then getting a look from above from the beautiful newly renovated Loretta. (She’s had a lot of work done )  : ) Thanks for all the fun!

Thanks for this beautiful view from the beautifully renovated Loretta

The topping for this incredible day was the Bison remain undefeated by trampling Delaware State 51 – 0 and every NDSU player got in the game.

Can hardly wait to see the Bison stampede the Jack Rabbits this Saturday.

Also fired up for the upcoming Homecoming Parade coming back downtown Friday Oct 11th at 5:30!




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Gold Star marching band coming back to Broadway

After so many years away, it’s exciting to see the NDSU Homecoming Parade coming back downtown! The Friday night Homecoming Parade is October 11th.

It’ll be a thrill to once again see all the floats and pageantry and hear the deep bass of the drums thumping blocks away, the sharp, crisp, rat a tat tat of the snares, and the definitive Sousa sound from the tubas fill the crowd with joy and anticipation with each step as the Gold Star Marching Band approaches.

Can hardly wait and thanks to Dean Bresciani and Mike Hahn and his team at the Downtown Community Partnership and all involved for bringing the NDSU Homecoming Parade back downtown!  GO BISON!!I’m going to try to get them to invite all the fun Bison tailgating vehicles to join in the Parade! What a hoot!! Go BISON!!!


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