Give ND A Boost With Electric Charges

ND produces a lot of oil and electricity. We pump the oil, export it to refining states (along with a lot of the profits) then import it back as gasoline and products. The going rate for a gallon of gas here is $2.20 today. The gallon equivalent cost of .75 cents for charging an electric vehicle.

ND produces 36 million KWH of electricity and exports 20 million of that. $7.5 M is ND’s allocation of the VW legal settlement that can only be used for clean alternative fuels and vehicles. Just 15% of that could fund 3 cross state EV fast charging corridors and help establish more use of electric vehicles. Thanks to all the people that came to our C.L.E.A.N. Teams event and for the folks that brought their EV’s to let us kick the tires. 

We had a segment on KFGO radio Wednesday with more information on EV charging, Geronimo Energy’s 200 MGW solar project in Cass County along with their 200 MGW wind project also in Cass County being developed. Listen to interview by Joel Heitkamp.

Also a nice clip on WDAY with Mayor Mahoney showing some of the Tesla features here.