For Those Who Say “the Climate Has Always Changed” Please Read

I wonder if meteorologists John Wheeler and Tom Szymanski, and NDSU climatologists have something to say about this?

Often a good visual aide can help add important perspectives to complex subjects. Here’s an informative visual timeline going back to 20,000 BC to present. Thanks to the artist Randall Munroe and to Vox writer Brad Plumer for the article they want folks to share.

Here it is online:

Here’s some of the article followed by the visual timeline:

“But Munroe’s comic below hits at the “why worry.” What’s most relevant to us humans, living in the present day, is that the climate has been remarkably stable for the past 12,000 years. That period encompasses all of human civilization — from the pyramids to the Industrial Revolution to Facebook and beyond. We’ve benefited greatly from that stability. It’s allowed us to build farms and coastal cities and thrive without worrying about overly wild fluctuations in the climate.

And now we’re losing that stable climate. Thanks to the burning of fossil fuels and land use changes, the Earth is heating up at the fastest rate in millions of years, a pace that could prove difficult to adapt to. Sea level rise, heat waves, droughts, and floods threaten to make many of our habitats and infrastructure obsolete. Given that, it’s hardly a comfort to know that things were much, much hotter when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.”


(By the way, one of the more surprising things I learned from this was that mammoths were still around when the Pyramids were being built. Who knew?)

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