Where Are The Folks Moving To From The Twin Cities? Census Says………Fargo!

No surprise to some of us that have seen these trends evolving as we become a more active, attractive, diverse, and interesting community! We’re not only attracting people and talent from the Twin Cities, but several other counties spread around the US.

In several earlier posts, Fargo has received high marks for quality of life. One of my favorites is this “Best places for 20 somethings” 

Here’s a recent article in Minnesota Public Radio ~

“Outside the state of Minnesota, the biggest net recipient of Hennepin County residents was not Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix), not Harris County, Texas (Houston), not Broward County, Florida. It was Cass County, N.D., home of Fargo.

You can see these net gain and loss population statistics with this cool tool from the Census using the Census Flows Mapper. Click on any county in the country and see where everybody’s going.


~ End MPR article ~

We also have more folks choosing to build their lives in our Fargo area like the 143 people that moved here from Washington County Oregon, and 90 from Weld County Colorado for example.

The trend of outmigration has changed 180 degrees over the past decade. At the last Commission meeting, I mentioned some of these very positive changes from our area students to Jim Gartin of the FM EDC.

In annual  Fargo Public Schools survey students asking if they plan to stay in the Fargo area. Those surveys have changed from about 35% 8 years ago saying they want to build their life here, to now around 65% with more wanting to live, work, learn, and play in our region.

Our culture is evolving and we’re becoming a more active and interesting community where people can engage and reach our potential.

It’s fun to see people realize our excellent quality of life and the many opportunities to dream and work together as we design our community for happiness.

Let’s keep growing well!