Bison Nation

Congratulations to the North Dakota State University Bison on winning their third consecutive FCS D-1 National Football Championship!

The FBS schools should ditch the polls and institute a play off program similar to the FCS to determine an undisputed championship team.  One of the most exciting aspects of NCAA Basketball playoffs is that any D-1 team has a shot at the championship.

Who know’s, maybe even some kind of hybrid that would allow the championship FCS  team in a bracket to compete in playoffs with FBS?

Either way, thanks for another fantastic year for the Bison and all the folks that cheer them on!! Go Bison!!

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  1. Zman

    I just wanted to congratulate Coach Bohls and the Bison football team on another successful season. I had the opportunity to visit with some Bison fans who attend a Husker game in Lincoln, NE the day after the Bison defeated K-State. They were classy fans. Again congratulations on the season and best wishes for next year, I hope the Bison continue to be successful.

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