Uplift Fargo Moorhead. Give The Gift Of A Lift

It’s cold outside. There are people in our community that need to get to their doctors appointments, to their job (yes, many homeless people do have jobs), to their social workers and our homeless children need to get to school.

Uplift Fargo Moorhead is the brainchild of Del Rae Williams. Here’s the story in her own words: “I asked John Roberts at Churches United For The Homeless what would be the most helpful to their organization that we, as a community, could help with. John said ‘bus passes’! Transportation is a key problem when individuals need to go to a doctor’s visit, get medication, apply for jobs… the needs are many. For this Holiday season, I would like to ask that you consider a gift of $1.50 or more. (hint, hint, to my family, THIS, and only this is what I’d like for Christmas this year). 🙂 Happy Holidays to you!!! (Thank you to Mara Morken Fogarty, Kailyn Allen, Kelli K KlineLillian JonesCarrie Leopold, and Anna Stenson for your insights and for your work towards this!)”

~ End Del Rae’s quote ~

Thanks to Del Rae, Mara, Kailyn, Kelli, Lillian, Carrie, and Anna and all involved that helped plan and implement an easy way for people to make direct online donations to purchase bus passes to help our neighbors in need.

All donations go directly to purchase bus passes and are distributed by the Churches United. To donate at this secure site, go to: http://upliftfargomoorhead.com/

Thanks to all of you that have already given the gift of a lift. In less than a day, they’ve already generated over $900 in bus passes. Please consider the opportunity and share the good word of this wonderful grass roots community effort.

We are truly blessed to live in this wonderful community. Thank you all and let’s share our many blessings to make this a Merry Christmas for all!!


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  1. Michael Jablon

    Thanks for sharing Mike and to Churches United for all their hard work an compassion. Simple ideas like this can go a long way!
    Michael J

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