Sorry Again Hawaii, Best State For 20 Somethings Is….

Go North to Dakota! More and more young people are discovering what many of us realized when we chose where we want to build our life. North Dakota is an excellent place to live, work, learn, and play.

This survey fits in with what we’ve learned that in a reversal of decades of out migration of our youth to other states, now 65% of Fargo graduating seniors want to build their life in Fargo, 8.9% somewhere in ND, 8.9% somewhere in Minnesota. Over 80% want a four year college degree and 12% a two year school.

Here’s a clip of the survey from WDAY 

Some of the reasons more young people are choosing Fargo may be more activities like the Fargo Marathon, Streets Alive!, Fargo Youth Summit, and impromptu free fun events like the Chalk Fest where Arts Partnership teamed up with Great Northern Bikes. Hundreds of people young and old came to share their sidewalk art>

Here’s the article in the Huffington Post College:

Best States For 20-Somethings May Surprise You

Posted: 10/16/2013 9:28 pm EDT  |  Updated: 10/16/2013 9:31 pm EDT

best states for 20-somethings
There are certain, conventional meccas for young people. New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco all spring to mind as glamorous, even cliched destinations for 20-somethings — places where quirky characters in cramped lofts desperately search for careers, love, and happiness.

But wanted to consider the question “with an open mind.” They looked at lifestyle and economic criteria like youth unemployment, the proportion of young people in a state’s population, rental costs, high-speed internet availability, nightlife and fitness facilities, and created a list geared at “young people looking to get a strong start on their adult lives.”

So, for those rational 20-somethings willing to consider the real-life data, rather than the Hollywood version, we present to you the top 10 states to set up shop:

1. North Dakota
north dakota

2. South Dakota
south dakota young people

3. Nebraska

4. Montana

5. Iowa

6. Hawaii
hawaii young people

~End Article ~

Sorry Hawaii, you can’t win them all. We’ll still come to visit!Here’s another picture that displays some North Dakota fun. This cool picture was taken by Erik Johnson