Fargo – Gardens Growing Community

See how “Growing Together” with 100 very diverse families, 3 gardens, 3 hours a week, no weeds = tons and tons of produce.

Over the past 8 years Jack Wood, Nola Storm, and more recently Jamie Holding Eagle have developed relationships to fine tune a very innovative community gardening system that increases produce while reducing time spent seeding, weeding, watering, and harvesting.

We’ll also hear from Dallas Flynn a creative organic, sustainable farmer near Frazee MN. Dallas installed an off the shelf greenhouse and converted it into one of the first solar heated units in the area. He’s extended his growing season to over 300 days and in the dead of winter enjoys a nice cup of coffee surrounded by his beautiful seedlings flourishing.Dallas Flynn is a retired University professor that continues teaching by showing his organic, sustainable farming practices and selling healthy, local foods.

We’ll also hear from Rory Beil of Cass Clay Healthy Peoples initiative. It’s fun to work with him and the other great folks on their advisory board. Rory (AKA the Caped Carrot Crusader) will issue a metro challenge to grow and eat more healthy local produce with a very lofty goal.

The Caped Carrot Crusader leading the way to recruit more healthy food superheroes at area schools. Way to grow Rory!!

Here’s the program below, hope to see you there!

CFLOGONews Release

Contact:  Commissioner Mike Williams

Phone:   701-793-3771 or mjwilliams@cityoffargo.com

“Fargo – Gardens Growing Community” Event to be Held Oct. 14

 FARGO, N.D. (Oct. 10, 2013) – The City of Fargo is hosting a presentation about community gardens on Monday, Oct. 14 at 8:30 a.m. in the Commission Room at Fargo City Hall, 200 3rd St. N. The program will include three 20 minute presentations followed by 20 minutes for questions. The presentations will be as follows:

  1.  “Growing Together”: Group leaders Jack Wood, Nola Storm, and Jamie Holding Eagle will share how their community gardening group, comprised primarily of New Americans, has grown to over 100 families sharing thousands of pounds of produce from three gardens over the past eight years with a unique model that works.
  2. “Solar heated greenhouse”: Dallas Flynn, a sustainable organic farmer from Frazee, MN will share how he’s expanded his growing season to over 300 days a year by designing and building an innovative solar heated greenhouse.
  3. “Community garden challenge”: Rory Beil of Cass Clay Healthy People initiative will talk about their challenge to increase community gardening and healthy local foods in our metro.

 The event will be broadcast live on cable access channel TV Fargo 12 and online atwww.cityoffargo.com/streaming.

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