You Know You Want A FARGO Cap. Here’s How To Win One

To sign up, check out and “like” the May Bike Month Challenge facebook page! Then take the challenge to: “Ride your bike everyday, at least a mile in the month of May”


You can join too, just “Like” the May Month Challenge page. The 100th like wins a cool FARGO cap!

Fargo is ranked as 46th best biking community by Bicycling Magazine. Bikers need to obey all traffic rules of the road and drivers also need to share the road safely.

As more and more people are choosing to bike which burns fat instead of fuel, it’s important to know the best ways to share the road safely.

Here’s a Fargo website with excellent information and videos about bike safety:

Share the Road Fargo video

Here’s some history of Bike Month in May started in 1956 from an article in the League of American Bicyclists: