Join The May Bike Month Challenge

Ride your bike everyday, at least a mile in the month of May!

Finally some sunshine and nicer weather!

We can make the most of it and celebrate Bike Month during May by getting the bike down from the rafters, putting some air in the tires, and save some gas by riding at least a mile each day in May.

Fargo is ranked as 46th best biking community by Bicycling Magazine. Bikers need to obey all traffic rules of the road and drivers also need to share the road safely.

As more and more people are choosing to bike which burns fat instead of fuel, it’s important to know the best ways to share the road safely. Here’s a Fargo website with excellent information and videos about bike safety:

Share the Road Fargo video

Here’s some history of Bike Month in May started in 1956 from an article in the League of American Bicyclists:

Bike Month History

For fifty-five years, National Bike Month has been the perfect time for new or returning riders to get back on the saddle and ride their bike to work. Originally the Cycle Trade Association called the month American Bike Month but in 1956 it evolved to Bike Month. Along with the name change, Bike Month became more about promoting cycling and safe bicycling, not just selling bicycles.

Biking History Dates

1880 League of American Wheelman founded
1888 First pneumatic tires
1890 Good Roads Movement
1896 Buffalo soldiers test bicycle for military use in mountainous terrain
1899 Major Taylor wins 1-mile sprint world championship
1902 First 3-speed gear hub
1903 First Tour de France
1905 Office of Public Roads created
1920 Derailleurs make an appearance
1930 Quick release hub invented
1950s Multi-speed components mastered
1956 League designates May as National Bike Month
1960s 10-speed becomes available to general public
1970 Bicycle helmet safety standard introduced
1972 Bicycles outsell cars in US (13 million to 11 million)
1974 Adventure Cycling Association founded as Bikecentennial
1976 Mountain Biking as a sport is born
1984 Women cyclists compete for first time in Olympics
1986 Greg LeMond becomes first American to win Tour de France
1988 International Mountain Biking Association founded
1991 Congress passes ISTEA 1991
1991 Congressional Bike Caucus is formed
1996 Bikes Belong Coalition founded
1997 First Walk to School Day
1998Congress passes TEA-21
1999 Lance Armstrong wins 1st Tour de France
2000 First federal Safe Routes to Schools grant
2001 America Bikes Founded
2002 Senate Bike Caucus is formed
2005 Bicyclists win and achieve … Complete Streets, Safe Routes to School, Fair Share for Safety, Bike Commuting Tax Benefit, etc.