NBC News On Fargo Flood Fight “Mother Nature Knows How To Throw A Party”

Thanks to all the student volunteers and all the others that helped make and now deploy these sandbags to protect for a major flood. THANK YOU!

Here’s a clip on NBC Nightly news yesterday and on Today. This was at John and Erin Bertel’s neighborhood where hundreds of South High Bruins made short work of protecting the area.


We started promptly at 9:30 and were done by noon in this neighborhood with about 30,000 bags to protect to 40′.

In comparison, we needed 800,000 bags in this neighborhood in 2009 to protect to 42’6. With home buyouts and several permanent dikes in backyards, it would have taken 200,000 bags for the same 42’6 protection now, 600,000 less bags this year.

We’re continuing to improve each year with more permanent protection and remove homes in vulnerable areas where FEMA certified protection cannot be placed to protect the city to 42’6 by 2016.

Fargo prepares for major flood  Thank you to all the student and neighborhood volunteers, engineers, firefighters, National Guard, and all! It’s inspiring to work with all these incredible people toward a common cause.

Our challenge is to protect our community so we don’t have to sandbag every flood and that work is ongoing. With 43 sections of land in Fargo’s footprint we have 56 miles of perimeter.

As that important work is underway, we need to look for opportunities to harness this incredible positive energy and community spirit that engages these wonderful people to work together to accomplish other community goals when it’s not a crisis.

The GO2030 Key Initiative rankings below are a compilation of responses from thousands of community members comments through GO2030 online Mind Mixer, public forums, and surveys.  Click this for full list

Key Initiative Guiding Principles identified through GO2030 public responses:

  1. Permanent Flood Protection Water and Environment
  2. Promote Infill Neighborhoods, Infill, and New Development
  3. Public Art Arts and Culture
  4. Bicycle/Pedestrian Infrastructure Transportation
  5. Design Standards Neighborhoods, Infill, and New Development
  6. City -Wide Trail Loop Health Public
  7. Gathering Spaces with Arts and Culture
  8. Incentives for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Production
  9. Quality New Development Neighborhoods, Infill, and New Development
  10. Year-Round Recreational Opportunities promote Health

These and many more are all areas we are working with the community to improve to make Fargo an even more safe, attractive, interesting, vibrant, and resilient city where people want to live, learn, work, and play.

If you haven’t joined in the fun, we’re going to continue this community outreach to hear your ideas.  We want to hear from you, sign up for GO 2030 Mind Mixer Townhall and weigh in.  We never know where the best ideas will come from, and with your help, we can make the best ideas win!