Another stellar day at Sandbag Central. Thank you volunteers!! 618,000 in 5 days!

142,000 bags Monday sets the tone for the week. Thank you volunteers! That makes 618,000 bags in 5 days.

You can get in on the fun by checking where we need the most volunteers here and call 476,4000 to join in the fun.

We had a great table, Maureen, Erik, Chen Le, George, and Cassie the master pallet stacker. George and 11 others came from Bismarcks “Teen Connection” to help us today. Thank you!!

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Name: Mike Williams Location: Fargo, North Dakota Website: Occupation: Risk Manager Family Mutual Insurance Fargo City Commissioner since 2004, re-elected in 2008 and 2012 About Me: I'm a pragmatic optimist that's grateful for all the wonderful people in my life
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