Now That’s A Bacherolette Party!

Sandbag Central is where it’s at. Where else can you play with your bridesmaids in the sand with 477 other fun loving community minded people for your bachelorette party?

These 477 great folks from all over the region made over 88,000 sandbags Saturday for a running total of 476,000 bags in 4 days, well on our way to the 1,000,000 bag goal. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Here’s the excellent article by Helmut Schmidt on Saturdays fun at Sandbag Central.

I’m sad I missed out Saturday, but I’ll be back Monday to work with the great students again.


Forum Dave Wallis

Galit DeWitz, right, prepares to toss a sandbag onto a pallet as she and others in her bachelorette party volunteer to fill sandbags Saturday at Sandbag Central in Fargo. Some of the members of the party include, from far left, Amanda Sharpe, Sarah Sonju, Marcy Overby and Alexis Martinsen. Dave Wallis / The Forum

You can get in on the fun by checking where we need the most volunteers here and call 476,4000 to join in the fun.