110,000! Woot! Discovery Students Rock Sandbag Central

Thank you to all the wonderful Discovery students and other volunteers that helped make 110,00 bags on the first day of Sandbag Central.

It was a blast working with these fun and hard working students. It’s amazing how much energy they have. They can dance and sandbag at the same time!

You can get in on the fun by checking out the shifts that need volunteers at http://volunteerstatus.cityoffargo.com/ then call 476,4000

Our team keeping their eye on the bag

Photo: Had a blast working with George and the great students from Discovery today. Fantastic job Austin, Trevor, Dani, and Megan, over 40,000 bags during our 9-2 shift!

People of all ages working together have a lot of fun. Thank you all!

Thanks to Heidi, Mary, Brenda and Mark from the Moorhead City Council for helping, it was fun stacking pallets with you

If you want to get in on the fun call 476-4000 to volunteer to see when check out http://volunteerstatus.cityoffargo.com/