Better Than The Cover Of Rolling Stone

FM Matbus is this months cover feature of national Mass Transit magazine.  It’s the first time they’ve ever put two people on their cover, but they wanted to honor the way Fargo and Moorhead work together to build a more robust transit system across city and state borders.

Way to go Julie Bommelman, Lori Van Beek, Gregg Schildberger, Jim Gilmour and many others including 2.1 million riders and great drivers and support staff.

These are the people that  work everyday to make MATBUS a success along with their team of mechanics, drivers, dispatchers, and maintenance folks.  Thanks to your good work, ridership has almost tripled in the recent years!


Students and young people are a major reason for the growth to 2.1 million riders.  They make up over 1 million of the ridership.  They’re aware that they can save over $6,000 a year by using the bus instead of driving, not have to find a parking spot, and get picked up and dropped off nearer the door.

Here’s the full article:


  Go green, ride with us, Matbus!!