Fargo ranks as top city for employment, but……..

Fun to see Fargo as a lead story in Wall Street 24/7 and Yahoo for our high rate of employment, however I think they need a few more stock pictures so folks know it’s not always blizzarding here.  Here’s the full story

Snow falls in downtown in Fargo, North Dakota.

I’m posting a link to the Yahoo comments on this story to share a few other photo’s they may consider for our next good national ranking.

Fargoans watching the movie Fargo projected on the side of Radisson

Dave Wallis of the Fargo Forum captured the lighting of Broadway

Nov 20 Parade of Lights by Dave Wallis of the Fargo Forum

Main Avenue in Fargo, ND by Mike Williams

Fargo, where the rainbows glow by Mike Williams

Shirtsleeves March 17th for St. Patricks Day parade in Fargo

My wife Susan’s smile shows we celebrate all our seasons

Hot Rods and Hot Dogs on Broadway in Fargo by Mike Williams

About Mike Williams

Name: Mike Williams Location: Fargo, North Dakota Website: http://www.electwilliams.com Occupation: Risk Manager Family Mutual Insurance Fargo City Commissioner since 2004, re-elected in 2008 and 2012 About Me: I'm a pragmatic optimist that's grateful for all the wonderful people in my life
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