Portland And Other Cities Around The Nation Watching Fargo’s Cool Yarn Sleeve Art Project

I received a call from a woman in Rochester NY asking how Mara Morken got this fun project off the ground in Downtown Fargo,  
I found out news stations from around the country are covering this neat Fargo art story where art embraces infrastructure.
The story is running in NY, Georgia, Colorado, and more.   Good stuff!
This one is running in Portland:

Yarn-bombers hit by vandalism in Fargo, N.D.

 Here’s the story aired on the Portland news.  Click the picture

  1. WCSH-TV‎ – 4 hours ago
     stitched up designs on Fargo street lights, known as “yarn bombs“, but  about the vandalism and City Commissioner Mike Williams decided 

We didn’t let a few vandals ruin the fun.  We know from our year long comprehensive planning with over 8,000 sharing their ideas for GO 2030 that public art is a top 5 community priority.
Thanks to Mara Morken and all the artists for giving our Downtown another chance.  Understandably, they were going to move them inside to someplace safe, glad they’re willing to share their talents where more people can enjoy them.
Let’s keep moving art forward!
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