Bike Share Lunch And Learn Wednesday

Bike Share in Fargo?
Check out “Bike Share Lunch and Learn” 11:30 Wednesday at the Fargo Theatre introduced by Doug Burgum and presented by NDSU student leaders Cameron Knutson, Aaron Feickert, Robbie Lauf, Walter Lanza, and myself.
It’s free with light lunch, but seating is limited, so register here:
Thanks to the Kilbourne Group for sponsoring and Greg Tehven for making all the arrangements.

Fargo is fast becoming a more active community with over 20,000 involved in the Fargo Marathon and over 10,000 involved in this years “Streets Alive” events.  This is a follow up in bike share interests and the well received B-cycle demonstration here at last years event.

Fargo is also in the top three cities with over 228,000 clicks has Fargo in 3rd place in B-cycles “Who wants it more” B-cycle national contest.

Minneapolis has “Nice Ride” bike share and has recently expanded to St. Paul.  We’ve been visiting with their director Bill Dossett for information on their successful privately funded and operated program.

Here’s an invite from Doug Burgum of the Kilbourne Group:

“On behalf of Downtown Community Partnership, Kilbourne Group, and Mike Williams, I’d like to invite you to join us in learning about the potential of a bike share program in our community.

As a community, we have an opportunity to explore new ideas and ways of thinking about our region.  I’m grateful for the volunteers that are working hard to introduce a new idea for us to explore.  Please join the conversation and participate in a learning session that explores the possibility of a new way of getting around.”

History:  The exploration of Fargo Bike Share began working alongside Student Government leaders at NDSU throughout the fall, spring and summer months of 2011-2012. The group began to see that the newest Bike Share systems, that have begun to emerge across select cities in the United States as well as in Europe and Canada, would not only work in the city of Fargo but that it would likely thrive; producing countless numbers of direct and indirect benefits to Fargo citizens, students, and community guests alike.

The current plan for the program includes initially launching the system in two of the most dense areas of the community (downtown Fargo and the NDSU campus) by installing a network of fully automated biking docks and high quality bicycles.

The end result is an additional option of transportation that will further support the growth of the NDSU campus and downtown area of Fargo.

The Fargo Bike Share group is excited to share their vision with you and is confident that this program will be a new hallmark component to our outstanding community.

Bike Share Benefits:

  • Provides an additional transportation option that coincides with Fargo’s MATBUS system.
  •  A number of key health benefits by encouraging students and citizens to regularly commute via public bicycles.
  • Cost savings by reducing the need for an automobile and the associated costs of parking, vehicle insurance, gasoline, and additional maintenance costs.
  • Fully automated system that allows users to find the nearest bike dock and check out a bike with a simple swipe of a student ID or membership card.  The entire system comes equipped with smart phone applications and online usability to further enhance and ease the overall usage.
  • Perfect component to the recently approved bike lanes connecting the NDSU campus and downtown area of Fargo.

Fargo Bike Share Organizers:

Cam Knutson- NDSU Student Body President, 2011-2012 –

Walter Lanza- NDSU Vice-Chair of the Student Senate

Robbie Lauf- NDSU Student Senator, 2011-2012

Aaron Feikert- NDSU Graduate Student

Register: It’s free with light lunch, but seating is limited, register here: