Fargo Go Braugh!

What happens in Fargo when it’s 76 degrees and sunny on St. Patrick’s Day?  Thousands of happy people enjoying a parade in beautiful downtown Fargo.  Thanks to all the organizers and all the fun folks that ventured downtown for this wonderful annual community event.  Erin go Braugh and Fargo go Braugh!

It’s an honor being the liaison for the Fire Department and a blast riding with them. Way to go guys, thanks for all you do!

Fargo’s Frode Tilden and his running partner just finished the 5 k and they’re not even breathing hard!  Thanks to the Fabulous Fargo Firefighters for all they do keeping us safe everyday and for their help making this such a fun annual community event.

These happy folks are congregated at the corner of NP Ave and Broadway.  Fargo go Braugh!



The High Plains Reader and Kilbourne Group co-sponsored this fun musical float

It’s a blast riding in these parades.  There’s always a good turnout, but 76 degrees in March really got folks ready for fun!

The streets were packed on both sides of Broadway all the way from NP Ave to 6th Ave N and even another 1/2 going east on 6th Ave.  What a day!

Thanks to the Fargo Firefighters for all their fine service and helping make this such a fun community event each year.   I’m proud to be the Liaison to the Fire Department as the Fire Commissioner and riding with them in the parade is a blast!

Usually the crowds thin out by the end, but not this year.  The people even stretched out going east on 6th Ave N.  So many happy faces!

I was running low on candy by this time, but found more that had dropped in my lap during the route to cheer these cuties up!   What a wonderful day!

~ May the sound of happy music, and the lilt of Irish laughter, fill your heart with gladness, that stays forever after ~