High Gas Prices Bugging You? Take The Commuter Challenge

Are you signed up for the @matbus Commuter Challenge yet? Sign up and walk, carpool, bike or bus instead of drive 1 day a week and you will be entered for weekly prizes I-pad anyone? http://www.matbus.com/

Take the Metro Bus Commuter Challenge!

MATBUS Join the Movement as MATBUS hosts the Commuter Challenge.
MATBUS The Challenge runs from September 6th through November 1st.
MATBUS Just leave your car at home at least once a week and use a form of eco-friendly transportation instead, such as walking, carpooling, biking, skating or riding MATBUS.
MATBUS Register to win great weekly prizes, each valued at $250, just for completing the Challenge.
MATBUS You win a MATBUS water bottle just for registering (while supplies last)!
MATBUS If you complete all eight weeks of the Challenge, you will be eligible for one of the two grand prizes – an iPad2 and a computer system!
MATBUS Make your “pledge” by filling out the registration form.
MATBUS Come back each week and update your pledge progress!
MATBUS Listen to BOB 95 FM and Y-94 for live remotes, Bob Squad updates, etc.
go green ride with us at MATBUS!

Would you like to see more transit options in our area?  Join in and share your ideas at Fargo’s G0 2030 community planning sessions.