Thousands Hit The Streets To Get Their Move On

Downtown streets came alive with thousands of people biking, skateboarding, roller blading, scootering, dancing, rumbaing, walking, and running at Streets Alive on Sunday.

Here’s a nice article about it in the Forum:

Thanks to Rory Biel and all the fantastic folks that helped organize this fun event.  There’s another one coming up September 18th!

Here’s a few shots of the action:

Downtown Fargo saw lots of action

Dancing in the streets

Chicago on Broadway at Fargo Streets Alive!  Chicago’s run starts on Sept 8th Thanks FM Community Theater!

Frode Tilden is active everyday and ready for action

Now that’s some pedal power!

There’s more fun on the way.  The next Streets Alive is Sept 18th you can see the event details here:


Complete streets that are conducive to walking, biking, transit as well as cars makes for a more fun and active community