Fargo Ranked Top 10 College Town For Liveability

WaHOO!!  Here’s another cool national article that ranks Fargo as a top 10 college town for liveability.

Some of the reasons for Fargo being selected are a good list of fun things to do.  Fargo Cruise Night (above)on the first Thursdays downtown, and Corks and Canvas (downtown tonight), Lyle Lovett last night at Bluestem, National Pyrotechnics convention all week, are a few examples of cool events.

This is the link the Livability.com website for the article.  http://livability.com/top-10-college-towns-2011


Top 10 College Towns, 2011

A good college town stimulates young minds. It offers a touch of the familiar while encouraging exploration and fosters a sense of pride. And even if you’re not taking classes, there’s just something about being near a campus that gets in your blood. You can’t help but become intertwined in the history, the pageantry and the excitement that a college creates.

This list isn’t a ranking of schools. It’s not a roundup of party places either.Livability.com’s Top 10 College Towns are cities where academic endeavors extend beyond the campus and energize the community. These places have become economic epicenters, artistic hubs, cultural cornerstones and entertainment meccas. They give the student great places to learn, grow and play, while at the same time giving residents the benefits that come with being near a vibrant educational institution. In a nutshell, they’ve got a lot of offer whether you’re after a degree, a new career or a place to settle down.

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Top 10 College Towns, 2011 

Downtown Fargo, North Dakota

Kevin Young
Downtown Fargo, North Dakota

In a city made famous by cold weather and the Cohen brothers, college-goers are quickly warming up to the idea of going to school here. Home to multiple campuses,Fargo has earned the reputation of a bona fide college town, but that’s only half the attraction. With a low unemployment rate and plenty of entertainment options, Fargo is fast becoming a location destination of choice.

The Breakdown
City Population: 194,839 (Metro area)
College(s): North Dakota State UniversityRasmussen College, Masters Baptist College
Cool Factors: The Hub Entertainment Destination – seven clubs under one roof, Celebrity Walk of Fame, skiing, sledding
Benefits: Affordable housing, low unemployment rate, jobs after you graduate