Fargo’s #1 Position In B-Cycle Online Competition Brings Bike Share Demonstration To Town

Good work all, the B-Cycle website is smokin! Just spoke to the B-Cycle system coordinator, they’ll be sending their traveling demonstration team and bringing a few bikes and solar powered docking stations to Fargo to demonstrate the bike share system in early September!

WaHOOO!!! Fargo’s sprinted past Rochester NY to #1 in the national online B-Cycle race! 212,600 votes, over 100,000 in less than a day! Thanks to all the Fargo Super Team for leading the way in this B-Cycle competition for them to select Fargo and bring their bike share demonstration team here for us to check it out!  I invited them in early June to try to arrange a visit here this summer, racing into 1st place in a week sure helped make it happen.

Fargo’s now flown by over 299 cities, and rocketed by Rochester NY into 1st place in the nation. What’s B-Cycle about?   Here’s a neat article about the San Antonio B-Cycle bike share system:

No wonder some call him “The Jared of B-cycle.”

In only three months, Phillip Schrank has logged more than 750 miles using San Antonio’s bike-share program, shedding about 45 pounds. He’s B-cycle’s No. 1 user and like the Subway spokesman he’s been compared to a natural booster.

“I call myself the spokes-person” Schrank jokes.

Since the downtown bike share launched this spring, B-cycle users have logged more than 32,400 miles. Some, like Schrank, ride for health reasons, others use the bikes for transportation or just for fun. Many are also enjoying a burgeoning sense of community among riders.

~End article~

So we’ve convinced the B-Cycle system coordinator to arrange a trip for their bike share demonstration crew to come here, thanks to Fargo’s Super team that assembled and pedaled and clicked fast past the competition.  Great work and great news Mr. Fantastic (aka Pete Trelstad) Wonder Woman Susie Ekberg Risher, Superman Jack Sunday, Green Lantern John Jorgensen, The Flash Barry Nelson, Iron Man Frode Tilden, Batman Rory Beil, and all you Fargo Superheroes! Poor Rochester didn’t know what hit em.

You can help keep the lead by going to this link and simply entering your Fargo area zip code: http://bcycle.com/whowantsitmore.aspx

Wonder Woman a.k.a. Susie Ekberg Risher


Batman a.k.a. Rory Beil


Iron Man a.k.a. Frode Tilden
Mr. Fantastic a.k.a Pete Trelstad


Green Lantern a.k.a John Jorgensen
Superman a.k.a Jack Sunday

The Flash a.k.a. Barry Nelson


Keep on clicking you bicyclists! Our goal was to pass Las Vegas (Currently #10) to be in the top 10 by the 4th of July, and we did that on July 1st. On July 6th we passed Rochester NY for 1st place with over 213,000 votes, we had over 100,000 in one day!

Keep putting in your zip code and spreading the word if you’d like to see B-Cycle bike share program in our area.

Visit the B-Cycle bike ride share site and enter your zip code here

Many of the comments at Fargo’s public outreach and input at the GO2030 townhall mindmixer online and opening session are centered around a more active community with more walking, biking, and transit opportunities. This might be a good fit?

Denver was the first site for this private, non-profit, bike sharing program. Now Minneapolis has the most bikes and stations in the country. Other cities with four seasons such as Madison Wisconsin, and Des Moines, Iowa also have the bike share system in place. They do shut down in the winter, even in Denver.

The stations are solar powered and use a membership card system to access a bike. It’s not meant as a bike rental system, it’s programmed to help folks get from place to place and dock it when you arrive.

How B-cycle Works

Follow these easy steps

Sign In

Sign up online or purchase a 24-hour membership at a B-station.


Choose a bike from any B-station.


Grab your bike and go.


Park your B-cycle at any B-station


Keep putting in your zip code and spreading the word if you’d like to see B-Cycle bike share here.

Visit the B-Cycle bike ride share site and enter your zip code here


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