Vice Admiral (Ret) Dennis McGinn On Climate, Energy Policy, And National Security.

Thanks to NDSU’s and Fargo’s own Dr. Allan Ashworth and Dr. Kevin McCaul for their excellent GO2030 presentation featuring some of the scientific data that scientists evaluate concerning climate change and peoples perception on that information.

Dr. Ashworth told us he was skeptical about climate change years ago but as he did more research, including Arctic exploration firsthand studying plant fossils, he’s convinced that the planet is warming, CO2 levels have risen to the highest levels in 650,000 years (determined through testing air trapped in deep ice through core samples) and that humans can help reduce the increase through better efficiency, cleaner energy strategy, and conservation of resources including water.

Here’s some information on the Keeling curve, just one example that demonstrates the high CO2 levels:





Here’s a sample of glaciers retreating in Greenland.  The top is from 1923, the bottom 2004 of the same time of year on that location.

This GO2030 speakers forum was broadcast live on Cable Access Channel 12 and will be rebroadcast periodically.

You can also see this and the two earlier speaker forums from Dr. Roy Hammerling about the “road to the good life” and Jack Beckers feature on promoting public art in community at: (last nights presentation is available online here)

Fargo is getting national recognition as a leader in conservation with some of our successful projects like:

The next speakers forum June 9th at 7 pm, will focus on things we can do to reduce our impact on our environment while improving our national security and economy.

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Dennis McGinn will share his expertise in many ways we can improve national security through conserving energy and resources and diversifying our energy sources.  He’s recently been in the headlines for his leadership and work towards US energy independence and it’s role in improving national security while reducing negative effects on our environment.

PRESS RELEASE: Vice Admiral Dennis V. McGinn Takes Helm of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE); Dan Reicher Becomes Chairman of ACORE Board of Directors

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Vice Admiral McGinn

Admiral McGinn served 35 years with the U.S. Navy as a naval aviator, test pilot, aircraft carrier commanding officer and national security strategist. He served as Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Warfare Requirements and Programs at the Pentagon; Commander of the U.S. Third Fleet; Chairman and CEO of RemoteReality; corporate officer of the Battelle Memorial Institute’s energy, transportation and environment division; and as an international security senior fellow at Rocky Mountain Institute, among other posts.

McGinn is actively engaged in efforts at the national level to highlight the close link between energy, climate and national security. He is a strong advocate for innovative government policy, public and private partnerships, and investments that will promote clean energy growth and innovation.

Speaker Forum

Vice-Admiral Dennis McGinn
US Navy (retired), former Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, CEO & Chairman of RemoteReality Corp.

Energy Independence and National Security

Vice-Admiral McGinn will speak on energy independence, production and distribution of food, and 21st Century challenges to national security.

9 Jun 2011 – 7:00pm

Fargo City Hall, Commission Room
209 N. 3rd Street



Hope to see you at this event and on Mind Mixer to share your ideas for Fargo’s future.