Important Fargo Vote On Requiring 450′ River Setbacks Monday

Backing away from rivers and not allowing new homes or businesses within 450′ of rivers is one of the many ways we can help ourselves in Fargo right now.

Along with requiring further river setbacks for new homes or businesses, we need to develop more strategic land use that targets and encourages development and redevelopment in areas with infrastructure already in place nearer the city’s core, and focus on working with our neighbors in the basin on retention and ring dikes up and down the Red River Valley.

This important 450′ setback from rivers restriction for new homes or businesses item is on Monday’s agenda, I brought this item forward in September.  Kudos to Cass County for adopting a similar ordinance in 2006.

Here’s some examples of some of the new and old varieties of flood fighting methods.  We need to work together on strategic basin wide water management as well as we do fighting these more frequent and severe floods year after year.

45' clay dike on 2nd St N. City has to wait until water level is up before building this to accommodate the weight
On the left are Hesco Barriers, on the right is Aquafence a quick deployment method used for years in Norway

One of this years new tools are Trapbags. These are along 52nd Ave S. They use less material than a clay dike
This is a large sandbag dike in an area where many neighbors are investing to protect with permanent clay protection.
Keith, Jake McDougall and neighbors enjoying their new investment for a permanent dike at their houses
He's keeping a good eye on the dikes
This student wins for the nicest boots
It's important for homeowners to keep pumping the seepage or pooling water off the protected side of dikes like this homeowner is doing
Here's my favorite hat. Thanks to this strong young woman and the thousands of students and other volunteers that worked together and had fun doing it in a time of need