Some Neighbors May Need Volunteers On Short Notice. You Can Sign To Be On Call At Firstlink Too

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers that came to help ringdike a threatened home in Oakport last night.   We had enough to finish the job in about 2 hours.  Many of them signed up to be put on the Firstlink on call list at 476-4000.   Please call if you’d also like to be on standby in case our neighbors need some quick volunteer response.

Thanks to these strong student leaders for their excellent work responding quickly to folks in need.

Here are some pictures of the great crew including some of our Helping Hands Traveling Sandbag Team that responded on very short notice again Saturday night.  These young leaders have stepped up and are a blast to work with.

Theta Chi has been at the forefront of volunteering as charter members of the Helping Hands Traveling Sandbag Teamduring the flood and at sandbag central. You guys ROCK!

The Helping Hands Traveling Sandbag Team made it’s debut with a road trip to help in Georgetown Friday.  Thanks to these fine young people for helping them raise an important dike to a safer level.  Among the volunteers were NDSU student body president, vice president, student senator, and several from the awesome Theta Chi fraternity among others.

It was great to meet and sandbag with Georgetown Mayor Traci Goble and their Treasurer Jen Stordahl, the two on the lower left of the photo below.  They are excellent community leaders, fun to sandbag with, and wonderful neighbors.  Working together, we all do better!

Transit is a vital asset for our community that has quadrupled its ridership since 2004 serving over 2,000,000 riders in 2010.  Our multi-jurisdictional Matbus plays a pivotal role in helping delivering volunteers as we build and deploy sandbags.

The river’s has crested at 38.7′ late Saturday afternoon.  Fargo’s dikes are up to 41′ or better. Our friends and neighbors in Cass, Clay, Norman County may need volunteers. Call 476-4000 and you can ask to be put on a list to be called in case our rural neighbors need some help on short notice.

Here’s Hiway 75 outside of Georgetown.  We’ve all got lots of work to do, and many hands make light work.

The Red River is stabilizing but the water’s still rising in some rural areas from other rivers and overland flooding Saturday night and will likely stay high for a few days.

If you’re willing to sign up to be on a quick response volunteer list and join our Helping Hands Traveling Sandbag Team to help more folks during this crucial time, please e-mail me