Sunshine And A Beach In A Bag!

What a beautiful day to sandbag, the sun burned off the fog around noon, no wind and over 50 degrees! Thanks to all the over 1,400 amazing students and hundreds of other volunteers for working together helping our neighbors and friends, and thanks to the many folks responsible for the excellent execution of planning and deployment today.

Here’s a photo recap:

Sunshine and the beach in a bag!
Thank you students and all the volunteers!
We wore out Erin and John's poor puppy. He's enjoying his new comfy spot
Thanks to all the young artists who made over 6,000 pieces of art to help brighten our day!
Their future's so bright they have to wear shades! Thanks so much for leading the way students. You make us proud!
Ramsey's directing bag laying and making sure we're nice and level at 41'
Another excellent helper pointing out a good spot for another bag. What a cutie!
That's about 13,000 bags. It took about 7 hours and nice to fill that low spot
The folks on South River Road have this down to an art!
Enjoying a well deserved beverage. Job well done Scott!