Ahoy Matey!! Hankinson Pirates Arrive At Fargo, Life’s A Beach At Sandbag Central

Thanks and congratulations to the over 10,000 volunteers that have made over 2 million bags!!   We’re not making bags Saturday to give volunteers and our fantastic staff at Fargo, life’s a beach at Sandbag Central a well deserved breather to catch their breath and relax.

1st crew of the day on the morning shift were these great WF Packers and Amy from Microsoft.  We tie them high and let them fly!

These WF Packers have conquered the stack!  Fun crew with attitude!

Nice shades!!  Firefighter Mike with WF Packers may be holding the 2 millionth bag that was produced sometime over the noon hour while we were whipping out the bags.  They did a great job and were a hoot to work with.

After a quick lunch break I got shanghaied by these Hankinson Pirates to stack.  They’re excited to help in our flood fight and worked all day, from 9 to 2:30!  Thank you!!  They had a little trouble with their bus not starting to get them home, but one of Fargo’s crack mechanics figured out it was just a loose ground and they made it back safe and sound.

Bruce Grubb is the Kahuna of Fargo, life’s a beach at Sandbag Central.  He’s giving the volunteers and his excellent staff a well deserved round of applause at the 2 million bag announcement.  Way to go Bruce!!  Your organized chaos in a safe, fun, and productive manner is unrivaled.

They shut the machines down to celebrate reaching 2 million bags today.  These fine ladies kept the cake coming, enough for all the excellent volunteers on hand today!

Derek and NDSU Freshman Tiffany making another flat pallet.  It was her first day volunteering and soon was making the nicest pallets in the place.  Tiffany has pallet pride and smiles when her pallet gets the fork lift drivers thumbs up.

Another team of Theta Chi’s keep the spider spinning.  We had great teamwork when the gun fouled or ran out of wire.  Thanks for all you do guys!

Sandbag Central is closed this week-end and will crank up again on Monday now from 8 – 6 pm Mon – Fri.  We’re hoping to reach our goal next week in time to party for St. Patty’s Day Parade in Downtown Fargo next Saturday!!

Let’s keep it going next week!

Where’s the best place in Fargo to find sand, palm trees and a lei?  Leave your troubles at home and head on over to Sandbag Central.  If you want in on the fun, check out the schedule for the best times to come.  http://volunteerstatus.cityoffargo.com

Let’s see if we can raise the bar again today!  Hope to see you there!!

park and ride sites here!  http://matbus.posterous.com/matbus-offers-free-rides-to-sandbaggers