Thanks Volunteers!!Over 136,000 Bag Day At Fargo, Life’s A Beach At Sandbag Central

Another new tool at Sandbag Central.  Our fabulous Firefighters keep our wire tying guns loaded and ready to go, today they debuted the wire gun holster!

Firefighter Justin Smith above is a quick draw with a fresh wire gun to keep the spiders spinning!

Here’s how we started Thursday at Fargo, life’s a beach at Sandbag Central.  Hope springs eternal for Vikings fans, sandbaggers hope for the best too, but prepare for the worst.

Below are pictures from the morning and afternoon crews from US Bank I had the pleasure to stack for.

Over 136,000 bags whipped out on Thursday!  Thanks to all the volunteers from US Bank that shared two shifts of 40 people that were a blast to work with.  I also got to work with volunteers from Dakota Boys Ranch and a bus load from Sanford Sioux Falls campus among hundreds of other great volunteers.

The Art Bags continue to brighten our pallets.  ”Shatner will save us” drew some good laughs!

Let’s keep it going!

Where’s the best place in Fargo to find sand, palm trees and a lei?  Leave your troubles at home and head on over to Sandbag Central.  If you want in on the fun, check out the schedule for the best times to come.

Let’s see if we can raise the bar again today!  Hope to see you there!!

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