WAHOO! We Hit The 1,000,000 Mark!!

Congratulations to now over 5,000 volunteers for hitting the 1,000,000th bag by 4 pm today!  Also local artists including young students have drawn up over 6,000 pieces of art to shuffle into our sandbag production.

It’s fun to see the various pictures and writing as we’re making or deploying the bags. Mike Waters a local artist and prof at NDSU came up with the fun idea.
One of the bags a smart young student made says “the flood stops here!”  Here’s a few samples of other works of art:

Here’s the 8 – noon crew I worked with today.  Dave, Carl, and Dan (we call Dan Hollywood because he was on TV last night)  We had fun and enjoyed shuffling in some of the wonderful art bags into our pallets today.  It’ll be fun to see them on the deployment lines too.

Let’s keep it going!

Where’s the best place in Fargo to find sand, palm trees and a lei?  Leave your troubles at home and head on over to Sandbag Central.  If you want in on the fun, check out the schedule for the best times to come.  http://volunteerstatus.cityoffargo.com

Let’s see if we can raise the bar again today!  Hope to see you there!!

park and ride sites here!  http://matbus.posterous.com/matbus-offers-free-rides-to-sandbaggers