Breaking News! A Fishermans Dream. A 5 Foot Nightcrawler Found In Rutland

Today I saw something truly amazing. Some friends of mine found a 5 foot long earthworm dead on a country road by Rutland. My buddy Greg Donaldson (Herbie) discovered it and will be on News and Views Tuesday at 8:45.

Another friend of mine John Ringuette took pictures of it along side a tape measure.  And another buddy Jerry, now has it proudly displayed on his workbench in Rutland.  I told them they should freeze it and bring it to NDSU to preserve and study.  Pictures to come tomorrow.

Rutland is proud to hold the record for making the worlds largest hamburger.  Now they may also be the proud owner of the record for the largest nightcrawler in tact?

I can see it now.  Smithsonian Rutland chapter.