Nice Article On Developing A More Magnetic Community

It was fun to introduce Melissa Sobilik and Jessica Thomasson to each other as I approached them with this sustainable community grant idea and help them write our successful grant application to Bremer Foundation back in 2007.

It’s great to see this sustainable community project Lodestone taking another step forward. Congratulations to Missy and Jessica for their work to grow this important effort to help more of our residents, young and old, to improve our areas quality of life in more sustainable ways.  

I keep a link to the Lodestone project on my Renew ND site, you can click and check it out on my favorite links to the right on this blog page.

Thanks also to people like Bremer representative Howard Barlow, and other community leaders like Barry Nelson, Karen Stoker, Mike Allmendinger, Steve Swiontek and many others that we interviewed to learn their perspectives on ways for a more magnetic, vibrant, fun, sustainable community.

Full article at:  Lodestone works to better metro | INFORUM | Fargo, ND

Adults, youths join forces for change From a study called the Lodestone Project, an idea to create an Intergenerational Committee on Youth (ICY) sprouted to target the youth of the metro area.