Breaking News! A Fishermans Dream. A 5 Foot Nightcrawler Found In Rutland

Today I saw something truly amazing. Some friends of mine found a 5 foot long earthworm dead on a country road by Rutland. My buddy Greg Donaldson (Herbie) discovered it and will be on News and Views Tuesday at 8:45. Another friend of mine John Ringuette took pictures of it along side a tape measure.…
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History Of Some Of Our Neighborhoods. Eddy Court 1st Feature

Thanks for this Forum series featuring history on our core neighborhoods. This fun feature helps demonstrate some success for Fargo’s geographically targeted Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative that helps reclaim/revamp single family homes in select core areas. Learn more about Neighborhood revitalization here: Published August 14 2010 IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS: Old Fargo neighborhood enjoys a rebirth First…
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Residents Who Live Near Public Transportation Live Healthier, Longer Lives, Study Finds

A new report , released by the American Public Transportation Association, which surveys current research has found that people who live in communities with high-quality public transportation drive less, exercise more, live longer, and are generally healthier than residents of communities that lack quality public transit. For Immediate Release Contact: Mantill Williams August 11, 2010…
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Sign Up For The Great Plains Energy Expo

There’s a stellar line up of energy experts to learn ways we can help North Dakota lead our country to energy independence and more development and use of clean, home grown, home owned, renewable energy.   Bison Hall of Famer General Chuck Wald (Ret) makes a compelling case for home grown energy as a national…
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What Does Volleyball Have To Do With Great Literature?

My nephews sand volley ball teams name is: To kill a Blocking Nerd. Harper, Atticus, Jem, Scout, and Boo would love that! Chad Locken in the Bison shirt, his wife Britt in the White Bear top