New Energy For Renewable Energy In DC

Thanks to 25 x ’25 for hosting a great renewable energy summit in our nations capitol and their excellent line up of presenters working together to help our country invest more in ourselves by redirecting the $350,000,000,000 a year that now goes for foreign oil annually.  

Reducing our dependence on foreign oil and diversifying our home grown, home owned, clean energy sources will improve national security, our economy, our environment, and extend our own non-renewable resources greatly while we transition to a new clean, sustainable, efficient, renewable energy age.


Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (Ret) makes his compelling case to our 25 x 25 group about the risks our dependence on foreign oil present and how more renewable energies and efficiency make for stronger national security.  

It was great to get to visit with Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn again. I had the opportunity to have dinner with him when he came to Fargo last fall. He and other retired key military commanders like NDSU Football hall of famer General Chuck Wald (Ret) travel the country to share why it’s vital for national security, environment, economy for the US to lead the world to a new renewable energy era that extends our non-renewable resources for the transition

Many of the countries we import oil from don’t have our best interest at heart. The US spends over $350 billion dollars a year on imported oil. We could keep that money working here with more home grown, home owned, clean, renewable energy

Ex CIA Chief James Woolsey gave a great presentation at the 25 x 25 summit in DC 2010.
He outlined the national security arguments in favor of moving away from fossil fuels. He stated that U.S. dependence on Middle Eastern oil ranks "very high" as a national security concern

US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is co-ordinating his department with the EPA, DOE, and DOT and other cabinet departments to work more closely together to advance renewable energy and efficiency to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and grow and diversify our economy in a clean, sustainable manner

Developing more clean, sustainable, home grown, home owned, renewable energy is also good for our growing our economy. We now send over $350,000,000,000 annually to foreign countries for oil. We can invest that money here so we can make the changes we need to lead the world into the new renewable energy era

Roger Johnson is President of the National Farmers Union. He served ND well as our Agriculture Commissioner and is continuing his strong advocacy for more home grown renewable energy and efficiency

The capitol mall is getting ready to host our annual Independence Day celebration. What better way than to control our own energy destiny and lead the world into a new cleaner, more sustainable, renewable energy age

Happy Independence Day!!