Celebrating Earth Day In Fargo

Sorry Burlington Vermont and Portland Oregon, the Earth Day Network ranks Fargo as the #1 city for best overall environment.  See the rankings here

Just another example of Fargo getting cleaner and greener everyday!

Our Fargo area tops another list, this one by the American Lung Association:

The areas with the most short-term particle pollution or soot were Pittsburgh-New Castle, Pa.; and the California areas of Fresno-Madera, Bakersfield and Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside.
The cleanest metro area in all categories was Fargo, N.D.

What a great way to celebrate Earth Week! This type of national recognition may help Fargo and our area become an even more attractive community where people come to live, work, learn, and play.

Some of the reasons may be our use of a 20% blend of Biodiesel in our expanding trasit use (now over 1,900,000 riders annually double a few years ago) working to improve walking and biking opportunities.

Fargo is also collecting methane from the landfill and turning it into energy and cash with over $370 K in new revenue instead of wasting it into the atmosphere as a pollutant.  Pipes in the mounds draw out 1,250 CFS and fuel a generator to make electricity. The environmental benefit is equivalent of taking over 28,000 cars off the road annually. To visualize, this would be a line of Suburban’s a hundred miles long.

You can see the current production of the wind, solar, and methane generators here.  It’s automatically updated every 15 minutes

Fargo ranks #5 by AARP for healthiest cities to live along with Honolulu, Hawaii.

Now that Brian Gibson, our FM Metropolitan Council of Governments planner extraordinaire has taken a new position in Hawaii to try to get them on track, maybe we should work to be sister cities with Oahu and get a month in Hawaii over the winter, they can come here in the summer?

Way to go Fargo, let’s keep moving it forward!