Roses for retention and more comprehensive water management in the Red River Basin

Adding a FM diversion alone will not be enough, we also need to establish more retention, mitigation, and compensation for storing water along the Red River Basin. By concurrently developing comprehensive strategies and projects for improved basin-wide water management, we will protect our homes and property upstream and downstream, while conserving our precious resource of water.

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Published February 15 2010
Forum editorial: Looking down river wins roses

PRAIRIE ROSES: To Rep. Kent Eken, DFL-Twin Valley, Minn., and others who are focusing attention in Minnesota on the possible downstream impacts of a Fargo-Moorhead flood diversion channel. A consensus is building that the F-M project, while absolutely necessary, must not aggravate already serious flooding downstream on the Red River north of the metro area. Officials from Fargo, Moorhead and North Dakota and Minnesota are aware of the potential for harm and seem to be moving to find projects that would minimize downstream effects. Of course, the people downstream who seem to be pointing at the Fargo-Moorhead project as a danger to them conveniently leave out the history of flooding in the neighborhood that has been caused in part by local water management policy – that is, drainage. Nonetheless, ideas that can minimize the effects of the big F-M diversion should be studied, designed and when feasible, funded.           

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This photo illustrates why it’s vital we work together across boundaries for more comprehensive water management in the Red River Basin.

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