St. Louis Beer Mogul Wants To Restore Integrity To Baseball

Budweiser beer scion Adolphus Busch slams St Louis Cardinals coach Mark McGwire over steroids

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The highly orchestrated apology by and on behalf of Mark McGwire has reached a point that tests one’s tolerance. I suspect I am not alone in my disappointment at McGwire’s recent "clarification" on his use of illegal steroids.

But, has no one noticed? McGwire is not apologizing for his deceit, only for the embarrassment that came from his admission of having previously lied. The timing of his announcement at the start of a new baseball season has allowed him to hide behind the frenzy of a new Cardinal season and the blinding faith of Cardinal loyalists.

Mark McGuire chose to take performance-enhancing drugs 9 of his 18 years in professional baseball. He was paid millions while perpetrating a fraud. So how is it MLB Commissioner Bud Selig gives him a pass and welcomes McGwire back to the very game he betrayed? Christine Brennan of USA Today was accurate in describing Mark McGwire as professional baseball’s infamous "Good Cheater." What can we now expect from Major League Baseball for Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa?

Bottom-line…Mark McGwire made a "personal" decision to use illegal drugs. He deliberately cheated the game and stole its most coveted records along the way. He stonewalled Congress. He even lied to the Cardinal fans and the media by his now infamous quote of February 2005, "Once and for all, I did not take steroids or any other illegal substances".

McGuire has chosen to come out of the closet at the perfect time — Alongside a manager who also refuses to be honest, to the fans or to the game itself. After all, why would Tony La Russa hire a hitting coach whose lifetime batting average was only .263?

Bill McClellan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch probably stated it best in his recent assessment of McGwire’s remarks. "I took steroids for my health, never to enhance my performance," stated McGwire. But according to McClellan, "That’s like apologizing for eating vegetables."

McClellan further points to McGwire’s playing himself as the "victim." He even wishes there had been drug testing when he started playing. Maybe someone would have stopped him. Huh? "Isn’t’ that sort of like Bernie Madoff lamenting the lack of government regulation to justify his swindling investors," points out McClellan.

Will the time ever arrive when professional baseball recognizes the severity of McGwire’s actions? When will Bud Selig realize that former Players’ Association president, Donald Fehr, manipulated him and baseball by keeping drug monitoring off the table during years of negotiations? Fehr and Selig made a mockery of their responsibilities to protect the integrity of the game.

Adolphus A. Busch, IV.
St. Louis, MO


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