Things To Do For Your Home Right Now

Please check to see if your sump pump is working properly and is draining to the outside, not into your house drain, and be sure to have all the drain plugs you need for your basement.

If you’re on the riverfront or near a drainage area, be sure to snowblow or shovel the snow away where sandbags would go. It’s important to have the ground clear and thawed before sandbags are put in place.

If you want information on your property at different elevations go to this link at the city of Fargo.

Sandbag Central is in its fourth day of operations and is open 24/7 until further notice. We’ve made over 560,000 bags as of Monday night.  We need to increase the production.  If you would like to volunteer, during the daytime hours call Firstlink at 476-4000 for them to help schedule.

If you can volunteer in the evening or overnight, just go to the Fargodome parking lot anytime and shuttles are running regularly 24/7 to take you to and from Sandbag Central so you can volunteer whatever amount of time you like.


Families, friends, and neighbors all working together is a blast at Sandbag Central. Here’s a scene from this morning. We made over 40,000 bags in 4 hours. We need to keep us this pace!  On Monday we’ll have a third Spider sandbagger machine on site. 

It takes a minimum of 100 people per machine 24/7 to operate them at capacity.  You can work whatever length of a shift as you’re comfortable with. 


We need about 350 – 400 volunteers at Sandbag Central round the clock to keep the operations working at capacity and to get the 2 million bags we want to have ready to deploy.

You can also work at a station to fill sandbags on your own in this area.  This area is nice for family’s or for working more at your own pace.

We’ll need lot’s of volunteers to continue making sandbags and also to deploy the sandbags in vulnerable neighborhoods.  To sandbag, drive to Assembly of God Church 3401 25th St SW
Fargo, ND 58104  Please park in the west parking lot and the shuttle will take you to the work area.  It’s good to wear overshoes or rubber boots if you have them, and rain gear if you have it.

Thanks to all of the incredible volunteers for your great effort. It’s fun to get to know and visit with so many excellent folks!