Fund Proposal Gains Energy

Welcome to the future of North Dakota! 

Here’s some of what the North Dakota Renewable Energy Partnership has been working on for this legislative session:

Fund proposal gains energy
Patrick Springer
The Forum – 01/08/2007

Renewable energy advocates will ask the 2007 North Dakota Legislature to create a $20 million fund to promote wind power and new fuels made from crops.

The North Dakota Renewable Energy Partnership, a broad coalition that includes commodity groups and utilities, also will push for a $5 million biomass fund to develop new products from crop byproducts such as wheat straw.

The aim of the renewable energy fund is to stimulate local projects, such as regional biofuels plants or wind farms.

Full Story here    Did you get a chance to check out the Renewable Energy Survey of 600 North Dakotans?  People from all walks of life, from every corner of the state, want to invest more in developing home grown energy.  Let me know what your thoughts are!